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What makes NRGUSA a boutique staffing firm? The short answer is the people we serve. We consider them to be both special and sophisticated. Because of their personal experience with NRGUSA, our clients, job candidates and employees have come to expect a higher level of personal consideration and professional dedication. We deliver more; therefore, those we serve expect more. NRGUSA proudly exceeds their expectations.



NRGUSA provides cost-effective temporary staffing that allows you to onboard talent immediately to help support your core business needs.  The employee is on our payroll, not yours. This provides a host of benefits for your company, such as reduced administrative costs, elimination of any liabilities associated with permanent employment and flexible contracting terms. Our team visits your company to ensure you get someone that ‘fits in’ with your work family enabling you to complete important projects without incurring the commitment and/or expense of a long-term employee. We provide the talent, handle recruitment, salary and benefits and ensure you get the right employee for your specific need. Our candidates are among the top recruits available.

client servicesTEMP-TO-HIRE

Temp-to-Hire solutions by NRGUSA provide a host of unique benefits to both companies and employees. Temp-to-Hire solutions give your company the opportunity to evaluate an employee first-hand before making a full-time commitment. We identify the candidate, take care of all due diligence, visit your facility to capture the culture and personality and put it all together to deliver someone who seamlessly integrates into your corporate community.


NRGUSA offers Direct Hire as a timesaving option. Direct hire positions are generally permanent, full-time positions. NRGUSA handles the entire recruiting and screening process, sifting through numerous candidates to ensure you see only those who have the skill set, attitude and mindset that result in a mutually beneficial match. Rather than focus on ‘actively seeking’ job candidates, we recruit those ‘passive’ individuals with established experience that aren’t in the traditional network of job candidates. You’ll interview each approved candidate and make an offer based on your impression. Our Direct Hire recruits are among the industry’s most scrutinized candidates, ensuring you see only the best and brightest individuals.  We provide contingent and retained searches in order to meet a variety of employer needs.


Through NRGUSA’s Payroll Plus program, you get all the benefits of hiring the employee you want without placing them on your payroll. You select the candidate, establish their pay rate, approve timecards and forward them to NRGUSA each week. We handle everything else. Our payroll services pay the employee each week, contribute towards their medical benefits, handle all payroll, taxes and insurance, including unemployment insurance, payroll tax burdens (FICA/Medicare), Worker’s Compensation insurance and disability insurance. As a “plus,” your employee receives NRGUSA’s generous benefit package which includes payroll direct deposit, vacation, sick pay, personal pay, holiday pay, health insurance, prescription drug coverage and so much more. With one of the industry’s most generous benefit programs, NRGUSA ensures that you attract and retain the best of the best.


client servicesIn order to live up to our pledge, NRGUSA’s recruiting efforts are never-ending. One of our core beliefs is that talented individuals want to succeed…and they’re everywhere, in every industry. By actively pursuing the best people wherever we are, we maintain a diverse network of talented, motivated individuals who genuinely desire to excel. Our continued success is a testament to the quality of the individuals we recruit and provide to our clients.

Equally important is the consideration NRGUSA brings to each and every job candidate and employee. The relationship we build with our recruits is based on mutual trust and a shared desire to succeed. Our continued success is predicated on yours: if you thrive, so do we, and so do the companies we represent. Working together, we create an environment that fosters mutually beneficial relationships; It’s the ultimate win-win scenario.

NRGUSA is proud to provide highly qualified employees trained in a variety of disciplines to serve a multitude of industries.

These include but are not limited to:

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