Why Are Temp Agencies Important?

Temporary work is a great way for an individual to start getting experience in any one field or to fill any employment gaps they may have over popular tourist months or even over the holidays. These temporary jobs are not something that the company needs year-round, but these jobs play a crucial role in filling temporarily increased demand.

It seems like seasonal and temporary work is easy to find, especially on the beaches of Long Island where tourists frequent the area every summer, with the holidays right around the corner. So, why are temp agencies important? What benefits do they provide part-time workers who are looking to fill in those gaps where companies need them most?

The team at NRGUSA, located on Long Island, has the answers to these questions and many others about temporary work and the benefits of temp agencies. For all your employment needs on Long Island, NRGUSA has the right answers and is dedicated to finding meaningful work with an environment that fulfills personal motivations.

How Temp Agencies Work

Temp agencies work by connecting the employee to part-time or seasonal work in the area which matches their skillset. Often, the employee works not for the client company but the temp agency in charge of their position. This means that any paychecks, employee relations discussions, benefits, and tax forms all come from the temp agency, not the individual client company.

This eases the administrative burden on individual companies and provides reliability for the temporary worker as they transition in and out of new jobs. At its most basic form, temp agencies work with companies to provide the employees without committing each company to hire individual workers. This is especially valuable to hospitality or seasonal businesses that rely heavily on part-time work.

So, why are temp agencies important? They help temporary workers have consistent and reliable work even when the companies no longer need the additional help, and they provide companies with consistent and reliable workers, often faster than hiring managers could interview and hire new employees.

At NRGUSA, our team of professional recruiters builds a relationship with you to learn your needs, whether you are a hiring manager for a company looking to bring on additional help, or a worker looking for sustainable income on Long Island. Our client services range from permanent to temporary positions and encompass a variety of specializations.

Why Hire Temporary and Contract Workers?

For hiring managers and larger corporations, the benefits of working with a recruiting agency to hire temporary and contract workers are obvious. Not only does hiring workers to fit increased demands during the holidays or tourist seasons reduce overall staffing costs, but it also gives them the ability to test the waters with new hires, seeing who might be the best fit for an upcoming permanent job. This also helps keep the company morale up as permanent workers who normally have a lesser workload are often grateful for the additional help.

Temporary workers do not always have to be employed on a seasonal or holiday basis, however. A company might wish to replace a critical employee while they are on maternity leave, vacation, or other type of temporary leave.

The client company pays the temp agency or recruiter to quickly fill their positions as demand raises. The recruiter will fill the position and take care of administrative paperwork, reducing costs for the company. Since the temp agency takes care of the paperwork, the company is more inclined to hire additional employees because they do not have to take on the administrative burden of hiring more employees for all their necessary positions.

What are the Benefits of Using a Temp Agency?

There are many benefits to using a temp agency when you are looking for work on Long Island. One of the major benefits of accepting temporary work within a company is to test the waters with the work environment and gain valuable insight and experience in the field, especially if you have your sights set on working for their company, or another company in the same field.

Working as a temporary employee gives you the opportunity to be on the inside and ultimately gives you an advantage over external candidates when applying for permanent jobs.”

Melanie Holmes
  • Test the Waters with a New Industry
  • Taking temp work for the experience allows you to assess whether it is something you are passionate about and could see yourself doing on a longer-term basis, or not.

    Jobs that commonly offer seasonal or temporary work, such as those in hospitality or tourist attractions may be looking for additional help year-round but need a temporary employee to fill a short-term position. For some just testing the waters with these industries, they may find that they are not suited to the job whether it is a clash in personality or skillset. Taking on temporary work gives them a reasonable timeline for getting out of the job, allowing them to look elsewhere for steady income.

    Likewise, a company can test out potential candidates, see how their personalities mesh with the work environment, and if they have the skillsets required by the job.

  • More likely to get hired for temporary positions
  • It may come as a surprise, but companies tend to rely on recruiting agencies to fill their temporary positions since the agency is often willing to take on the administrative burden. This means that companies will not want to split their resources between the agency and their hiring manager. So, while they may list their job posting elsewhere, they are not required to respond to applicants.

    “Last year, only 26 percent of employers planned to hire full-time talent, while this year, the number has shrunk further to 24 percent. Yet 42 percent of employers are considering temporary talent.”

    Josh Tolan

    Companies are more likely to respond to applicants who come through the recruiting agency. These candidates are already vetted by the recruiter, already have their resume submitted, and all paperwork for that candidate is handled by the agency. This makes temporary work easier for both the company and the candidate.

  • Direct pay across all jobs
  • For workers who are looking to get consistent payment by hopping between different temporary or seasonal jobs, there is a huge benefit to working with a temp agency: direct pay across all jobs. Since the temp agency is the one you will be working with, not the client company directly, they will be handling all paychecks, benefits, and performance discussions on behalf of the company.

    This does not guarantee consistent income, as you must be working at a company placed by the temp agency to receive paychecks. It is important to work with your recruiter to tell them your intentions if you plan to apply for more than one seasonal job throughout the year. The temp agency will work to find another placement for when the current seasonal work term is over, leading to fewer gaps in employment.

  • Easier taxes and recordkeeping
  • Since the recruiting agency will be the ones placing your work, paying your paycheck, and providing all benefits, it makes end-of-year taxes easier. Instead of collecting W-2 or 1099 forms from several places of employment, you can hand a single set of forms to your tax preparation agent. This not only makes taxes easier, but it also helps recordkeeping for when you update your resume.

    Recordkeeping is an important part of a temporary worker’s organization, and by working with a recruiting agency, you can be assured that all your files are kept in the database for the term you are working with the agency.

    Do Temp Agencies Look Bad on a Resume?

    There is a misconception that working with temp agencies looks bad on a resume. This is not true, however, it is important that you know the difference between temp or seasonal work and what is known as a job hopper.

    A job hopper is someone who gets hired for a job, then leaves a short time later, often moving straight into another job, meaning they were looking for work while they were still fresh in the first job. There is a negative connotation associated with this since these are often permanent positions.

    Temporary work, whether the position is filled through a temp agency or on your own, does not carry this negative connotation because it is called out as a temporary position. Everyone understood, from the moment the position was posted on a job board, that the position would not last long.

    Taking a temp job, or working with a temp agency to find a short-term job can help save your resume since long periods of unemployment can be detrimental to your resume. If you are looking for work and unable to find something suitable, getting hired as a temporary worker can give you financial reprieve as well as boost your resume to show potential permanent employers that you are still looking and willing to work.

    When Does it Make Sense to Use a Temp Agency?

    We’ve answered “why are temp agencies important” so now it’s time to discuss when it makes sense to use a temp agency. Not all circumstances warrant the partnership with a temp agency, though it is never bad to have an additional connection in finding a job

    Most candidates utilize a temp agency when they have already been looking for temporary work on their own to no avail. It also makes sense to use a temp agency when you have been unemployed for a time to prevent the gap from becoming a detriment to your resume. Using a temp agency also makes sense if you are looking to make a consistent income on temporary work or looking to be placed in an industry to test the waters with a specific company.

    NRGUSA: The Top Choice for Job Placements on Long Island

    Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and great holiday shopping, making it a great tourist destination throughout the year. A seasonal demand keeps temporary work flowing in many different industries, and plenty of companies, big and small, are looking for additional help during these times.

    NRGUSA is the top choice for job placements on Long Island and can help you find temporary work where you fit in. Get your foot in the door and make connections in the industry, learn new valuable skills, and keep yourself busy during the tourist seasons.