Companies are faced with a difficult staffing decision when changing any internal process, and that is whether the decision will cost or save the company time and money. Handling new employee recruitment and management in-house can be stressful and inefficient.

Hiring managers must first get the word out about the new job openings, then filter through stacks of resumes, taking a chance on the one that looks the most professional.

As a company manager, working with a recruitment agency can be the difference between an employee costing the company money and providing a positive ROI.

In this article, the National Recruiting Group will help you learn more about what is it like working with a recruitment agency to hire for jobs, and how your company can benefit from the recruitment decision. NRG is an experienced recruiting agency that offers boutique external recruiting and payroll services to companies on Long Island.


There are plenty of recruitment agencies out there, but like hiring a new employee, it is important to choose the right one. (1) You must first vet whether the recruiting agency is qualified for the type of work you want to onboard, which can be done by asking after their work experience and what they know about your industry.

Then, and perhaps most importantly, you have to see whether their personality fits your company. If your company and your recruiting agency can’t see eye-to-eye, then it is bound to end up in staffing trouble later on when the agency begins placing your employees in jobs.

“Choosing the right agency for you is very important. You need to find one that rewards well but is willing to guide you through the process.”

 — Roberto Monfardini

It’s not just skill that you have to consider when hiring new employees yet resumes rarely convey the individual’s true personality and values. Knowing that the individual’s values mesh with other employees is critical in maintaining a healthy workplace environment and a thriving company culture.

National Recruiting Group was founded on principles of strong relationships in the professional world. NRG recruiters know the value of personal commitment and are dedicated to learning about your company’s jobs needs before placing employees who would work well within your company.


There are plenty of reasons why you should use a recruitment agency to help your company find the right employees to fill jobs. The list below details the top 4 most popular reasons that showcase what is it like working with a recruitment agency:


Recruiting agencies to have access to talent pools in a wide variety of industries, often with highly skilled workers who are actively looking for work or ready to move to a new company near-term. By working with a recruiting agency, your company will gain access to these talent pools, among other extensive employee connections.


Working with a recruiting agency saves your company time, internal resources, and money by allowing an external company to handle all outreach, hiring, and some administrative tasks after the candidate is brought on board to fill jobs. By outsourcing the hiring division, your company frees up funding for other areas of the budget for new production lines, better service, and higher profit margins.


A firm often chooses to work with staffing agencies to replace their internal hiring process because recruiters can find, and screen candidates faster than their internal hiring managers can. Whether your company needs short-term or long-term employees, recruiters have access to professional connections that can help them fill the job quickly.


Recruiters for staffing agencies often provide additional resources such as payroll administration and new hire support for companies who onboard employees through their services. These additional resources go the extra mile to freeing up company time and money, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.


There are two main types of recruiters that your company might find when looking for a new recruitment firm to work with: in-house recruiters and external recruiters.

These two recruiter types fulfill different needs based on how the company is structured. National Recruiting Group offers boutique external recruiting services that can be tailored to suit your company’s culture and talent needs.


These recruiters for staffing agencies are typically hired by corporate companies who foresee a need to frequently onboard new employees in jobs whether they are long-term placements or short-term and contract workers. This allows the recruiter to work directly within the company culture. This type of recruiter is often an individual or team hired by the company directly to handle all aspects of talent management and oversight.


These recruiters are a part of an external agency that finds and places candidates for the company, typically on a contingency basis or other flexible fee structure. These recruiters work for the external agency, often replacing any internal hiring processes the company has in place. This allows companies more flexibility in how often they hire talent.


Recruiters are good for any business industry of any size, however, the businesses that will benefit the most from hiring a recruiting agency are mid-to-large sized businesses who expect to have an additional need for new hires or frequently places temporary or short-term employees. (2) Learning what is it like working with a recruitment agency is like investing in profitable stocks; once you find what works, you will wonder why you tried anything else.

“The best recruiters and the ones who are doing it for the “right” reasons will stand out because they know the history of each company they work with, the hiring manager’s story, and so on.”

— The Muse

It is also ideal for companies to work with a recruiting agency when they need to hire experienced workers with specialized talent, or talented individuals with expertise in their skillset. These candidates can be difficult to spot with simple resume checks with an internal hiring manager; however, with a recruiting agency’s specialized screening process, your company can count on skillful employees with every placement.


So, what is it like working with a recruitment agency as a company?

Recruiters for staffing agencies work with companies to place employees based on the qualifications and overall match for the company’s jobs. These individual placements save the company time and money over having an in-house hiring manager pour over resumes.

Once a company discusses the open role with the recruiter, they will begin any outreach necessary for the role and identify qualified candidates. Then, the recruiting agency will screen these candidates to ensure their work experience suits the needs of the company.

At NRG, our recruiters take an additional step to screen the candidates to ensure their personality matches what the company is looking for. This ensures a long-term placement stays long-term and short-term placements excel at their role.

Once the new candidates have been selected and the company accepts the placement, the recruiter will help the company in the onboarding process, providing administrative support if necessary. At National Recruiting Group, we also offer complete payroll services so companies can focus on what they do best, rather than wasting in-house resources on payroll administration.

Depending on the company and the working agreement the recruiter has with the company, the recruiting agency is paid differently. Some recruiters for jobs work on a contingency basis, where a salary-based fee is paid only once the company hires a candidate. Other recruiters prefer working on retained or executive search, where an up-front fee is paid for assistance in filling a role.

On-demand recruitment is another payment structure where recruiters provide an adjustable level of support at an hourly rate.

In some cases, recruiting agencies work with the company closely, completely replacing their internal recruiting staff. This helps free up the company’s internal resources, and in this case, a bespoke fee structure is discussed at the time of the agreement, much like an employee may negotiate salary upon hire.


Is your business in the market for a long-term or short-term hire?

Let National Recruiting Group help you find your next employee fit on Long Island today. We work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep it.

As a client, you will enjoy boutique staffing solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs and your current staff’s motivations, placing employees who are a great fit for your company in both personality and skillset.

The National Recruiting Group can help your Long Island company achieve success by offering a wide range of hiring and payroll services. We maintain a diverse network of talented individuals with expertise in your company’s industry then we match their personality with your company culture.

NRG’s relationship-driven strategy helps fit your company with the right employee not just in skillset, but also in personality to ensure your long-term placements help your company thrive.

Looking for short-term placements? Your company needs more than someone who will show up for their shift; your company needs a temporary worker who will excel at their job. NRG can help you find the right employee fit for seasonal and temporary work.

Contact NRG today to discover how we can match you perfectly with your next job or employee.